COLLISION 2: Unprecedented demand prompts pause in Public Sale

COLLISION 2: Unprecedented demand prompts pause in Public Sale

Thursday, Jul 25 2019 by GLORY Communications

With this being the biggest fight in the history of this sport, we knew that demand was going to be huge. The demand exceeded the capabilities of the system.

Demand came mostly from the Netherlands but also from Japan, the USA, Canada, Brazil and as far afield as Honduras. This is truly a global event - the eyes of the world are on this rematch.

Unfortunately the sheer scale of demand was well beyond anything we could have imagined. In the opening minutes of the pre-sale we were selling a thousand tickets per minute.

The volume of ticket purchases crashed the system. Many thousands of sales were completed. However, some fans were unable to complete their purchases.

With these fans having taken the trouble to register for the pre-sale, we are determined to make our best efforts to make this situation right and ensure that they are able to purchase tickets for this event.

Accordingly, we have decided to implement a pause to allow the system to catch up on processing transactions. Tomorrow’s Public Sale will be postponed until we conclude the pre-sale orders and issues.

The new Public Sale date will be announced via GLORY’s website and social media channels and in enough advance time to allow fans to prepare for it.

Fans affected by Pre Sale transaction issues are requested to email 

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