7-3-0 (5 KO)
Samuel  Dbili
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France France
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Peleador Estadisticas

Glory Record 0-1-0 (0 KO) Wins-Losses-Draws (KOs)
Tiempo medio por combate 2:59 Fight Duration
Ratio de derribos 0:3 Knockdowns Landed : Knockdowns Absorbed
SLpM 12.07 Strikes Landed per Minute
SApM 10.06 Strikes Absorbed per Minute
Diferencial de golpeos 2.01 Difference between SLpM and SApM
Precision de golpeos 50.7% Proportion of Strikes Landed

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Resultado Adversario Eventos Metodo Ver
Derrota Dmitrii Menshikov Glory 60: Lyon
Oct 20 2018
TKO - 3 Knockdowns in Fight
02:59 of Round 1

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Twitter Samuel  Dbili

0-1-0 (0 KO) France

When I was young I wanted to start boxing as a way to get closer to my grandfather, who was himself a boxer in his younger years. I didn’t get the chance to spend much time with him and I wanted a way to feel that connection.


My early years were not easy. My parents divorced when I was young and I repeatedly found myself placed in state care. I did not have positive supportive people around me and in my adolescence I did… let’s say, some stupid things. Some bad things. But that is all behind me.


I played rugby as a youngster and actually had hopes of going professional but in my late teens I started boxing and that just took over. I had a great feeling from it; it brought a structure to my life that I didn’t have before and it just made me feel good.


What motivates me is that I want to make my wife and daughter proud of me and that I know my grandfather also would be proud. I feel a connection with him even though I cannot talk to him. He passed away some years ago but through [kick]boxing we are still close in a way.