69-16-0 (35 KO)
Jimmy  Vienot
Clasificacion actual
184 CM / 6'0"
France France
Categoria de peso
76.4 KG / 168 LBS
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Peleador Estadisticas

Glory Record 0-3-0 (0 KO) Wins-Losses-Draws (KOs)
Tiempo medio por combate 9:00 Fight Duration
Ratio de derribos 0:2 Knockdowns Landed : Knockdowns Absorbed
SLpM 7.67 Strikes Landed per Minute
SApM 10.52 Strikes Absorbed per Minute
Diferencial de golpeos -2.85 Difference between SLpM and SApM
Precision de golpeos 47.37% Proportion of Strikes Landed

Peleador Medios

Peleador Récord

Resultado Adversario Eventos Metodo Ver
Derrota Cedric Doumbe Glory 60: Lyon
Oct 20 2018
Decision - Unanimous Icon fighter video play
Derrota Eyevan Danenberg Glory 51: Rotterdam
Mar 03 2018
Decision - Split Icon fighter video play
Derrota Alim Nabiyev Glory 47: Lyon
Oct 28 2017
Decision - Split

Peleador Biografia

Twitter Jimmy  Vienot

0-3-0 (0 KO) France


For as long as he can remember, Jimmy Vienot has been driven by a desire to be the best stand-up fighter in the world.

The young French welterweight was put into judo by his parents at the age of four but was hardly in his teens before he was looking for a more complete style of combat which would satisfy his urge for contact.He found that in Muay Thai, the native fighting art of Thailand. 

The day a 13-year-old Vienot went to Star Boxing in his native Languedoc and opened the door to introduced himself was a day which changed his life. From then on, his entire focus was on Muay Thai and the fighting arts. 

Vienot knew very quickly that he wanted to devote his life to becoming the best striker on the planet. In his late teens, when his peers were making choices which would send them to college and the working world, he told his parents that he dreamed of being world champion. They supported his decision.

Fast-forward to today and Vienot is a young bull who has locked horns with the best in his field. He has made a point of seeking out the hardest competition possible in order to test himself and progress himself. That quest took him all around the world. Now, it has led him to GLORY, the world's premier striking league.