46-7-0 (11 KO)
Chenglong  Zhang
Clasificacion actual
177 CM / 5'9"
China China
Categoria de peso
64.5 KG / 142 LBS
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Peleador Estadisticas

Glory Record 4-1-0 (0 KO) Wins-Losses-Draws (KOs)
Tiempo medio por combate 7:57 Fight Duration
Ratio de derribos 3:0 Knockdowns Landed : Knockdowns Absorbed
SLpM 8.97 Strikes Landed per Minute
SApM 7.69 Strikes Absorbed per Minute
Diferencial de golpeos 1.28 Difference between SLpM and SApM
Precision de golpeos 50.23% Proportion of Strikes Landed

Peleador Medios

Peleador Récord

Resultado Adversario Eventos Metodo Ver
NC Nafi Bilalovski Glory 57: Shenzhen
Main Card
Aug 25 2018
02:43 of Round 1
Victoria Adrian Maxim Glory 54: Birmingham
Main Card
Jun 02 2018
Decision - Unanimous
Derrota Bailey Sugden Glory 49: Redemption
Main Card
Dec 09 2017
Decision - Unanimous Icon fighter video play
Victoria Quade Taranaki Glory 46: Guangzhou
Main Card
Oct 14 2017
Decision - Unanimous Icon fighter video play
Victoria Masaya Kubo Glory 46: Guangzhou
Main Card
Oct 14 2017
Decision - Unanimous Icon fighter video play
Victoria Wilson Sanches Mendes Glory 41: Holland
Superfight Series
May 20 2017
Decision - Unanimous Icon fighter video play

Peleador Biografia

Twitter Chenglong  Zhang

4-1-0 (0 KO) China

GLORY 46 Fighter of the Night

GLORY 46 Featherweight Qualifier Tournament Champion

Chenglong Zhang says his decision to become a professional fighter was greatly influenced by his family line. His elder brother is a professional MuayThai fighter, his father was a boxer and his grandfather was also a martial artist.

“I was born in a small village in a suburb of Henan Province. Life was hard growing up. I followed my brother’s footstep, he's my inspiration,” he says. 

“I have been training in Muay Thai since I was 13 years old and I have dedicated all my life to this sport. I respect all my opponents and because I respect them, I always try and KO them. That way, I bring out their best and that brings out my best. I hope my opponents have the same attitude.”

“I like to use my heart when I fight. Don't get me wrong, I fight smart, but I don't like to take a step back. I'm always pressing forward. I'm very confident in my skill level also. I think people will be surprised to see a Chinese fighter who has the same level as professional Thai fighter.”

Zhang says there is “nothing really much to say” about his activities outside training, largely because there aren't really any. 

“I train every day and if I am not training then I am probably in the process of a fight week and waiting for the weekend, when I will fight,” he laughs.

“I like travelling though and I am glad that through this sport I get to see a much bigger world and meet with lots of interesting people.”