Lemaire on form in middleweight win over Roberson

Lemaire on form in Middleweight win over Roberson

Wednesday, Jul 12 2017

A great opening round saw good work from both sides, Roberson working the body with his boxing and Lemaire returning the favor with his superior kicking.

Lemaire's kicking started to make Roberson wary about coming in to use his hands. Towards the end of the round Lemaire was able to back Roberson onto the ropes and counter a Roberson knee with a right hook which dropped him for an eight-count.

The action was frantic on the restart as Lemaire tried to find the finish but Roberson was not so badly rocked and was actually able to land a hard left hand of his own which forced Lemaire to calm down just before the bell ended the round.

Lemaire was very unlucky not to score another knockdown in the middle of the second after he caught Roberson with a perfectly-timed spinning backfist, ending the momentum that Roberson had been gathering in the first half of the round.

Roberson stayed up but was on very wobbly legs for the rest of the second round and fighting a rearguard action as Lemaire went to work with well-timed right hands and knee strikes.

The third round was almost all Lemaire as Roberson's gas tank seemed to be running close to empty. Both of them were landing when the fight took place at close quarters, hitting on the break from the clinches, but at range the best work was all Lemaire's.

When the final bell rang the decision was obviously Lemaire's – his 'strikes landed' statistic (78 from 150) at the end of the fight was more than Roberson even threw (62 strikes thrown, 27 landed).

With the knockdown in the first round scoring that round a 10-8 for Lemaire, the final decision was a 30-26 for Lemaire on all judge's cards. It was a polished performance from Lemaire and raises him to 3-3 in GLORY.

Roberson, an MMA fighter who crossed over into kickboxing for a short notice debut last year, definitely has talent and potential but has faced a murderer's row of opposition in his three professional kickboxing fights to date (Jerome le Banner, Dustin Jacoby and now Lemaire) and surely deserves a match a more appropriate level of experience for his next fight.

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